Why you need to remove the unnecessary words robbing your writing of its power

to dramatically improve and sharpen your manuscript

  • Do you want to know the ways to reduce your word count by reducing your content?

  • Are you frustrated that your manuscript is too long or is a bit bloated and wordy? Would you like to know how to tighten it?

  • Do you want to know how to combine repetitive scenes into one?

It's time to achieve your writing goals

As a writer, you need to take a close look at the manuscript and remove those toxic fillers to improve your readers' experience so they can clearly understand the message you are delivering to them


Unnecessary words simply make your story uninteresting as it takes longer to get into the story. In this time you could lose your reader, so we show you how to avoid that and make your story more interesting

Welcome and Course Overview

An introduction and a description of the course's objectives are provided.

How to avoid unnecessary words

Many writers are unaware of superfluous words when they write. They are sometimes so intent on conveying their message to their readers that they fail to pay attention to the words they use in writing. In this lesson, you will learn about various needless words that we frequently used as if they are a part of ourselves. You will discover how to reduce or eliminate them.

Identify and reduce unnecessary words

Don't bore your readers. We'll assist you with identifying superfluous words that detract from the impact of your story. This lesson will show you how to substitute certain words if necessary to make your writing sound more professional. We also provide thousands of alternatives.

Using Software to reduce your words

In this lesson, we will look at various software applications that can assist you in identifying and reducing unneeded words.

How are you dealing with unnecessary words in your manuscript

This quiz will help you identify the approaches you're employing to delete superfluous words and if they're causing significant change to your manuscript.


This course includes 9 incredible handouts that have been created to improve your writing skills, spark your creativity, and serve as your go-to resources for each subject.

It's time to achieve your writing goals

A great beginning and a brilliant ending will always leave an indelible mark on your reader's mind


Remona Mejak

Creative Writing Coach