How to avoid PREVENTABLE mistakes that even bestselling authors make

and fix those writing errors that frustrate readers

  • Do you want to know how to turn vague sentences into specific ones?

  • Do you want to know how not to state the obvious in your manuscript and get rid of unnecessary and ineffective repetition?

It's time to achieve your writing goals

Most writing mistakes made are not unique and wIth simple fixes can be sorted out in the revision stage


With this course, you will learn what the most common pitfalls are that writers frequently face in their writing, whether they are bad habits or avoidable mistakes. Train yourself to identify and isolate mistakes so that you can avoid them in your own writing.

Welcome and Course Overview

An introduction and a description of the course's objectives are provided.

Identify the common writing pitfalls

This is one of the most important lessons for all authors because you will understand the frequent pitfalls that first-time writers or those who have had their work rejected by publishers fall into. And even experienced writers might fall into these writing mistakes without realising it.

Pitfalls that authors fall into regarding their readers

Knowing your reader means knowing why you're writing. This lesson successfully outlines the issues you may experience while attempting to target your readers in order to make it apparent to them what it is and why it is essential to them.

How to spot a general writing pitfall

When you understand the challenges that each pitfall brings, you will be able to solve them. We'll examine the problems you'll encounter with your research, descriptions, locations/settings, hook, and repetition in this lesson.

Grammar and Punctuation Rules

In this lesson, we'll highlight some common grammar and punctuation errors that could confuse your readers and provide you with strategies to avoid them.

How to identify Manuscript Pitfalls

We'll discuss frequent mistakes authors make at the start and finish of their manuscripts in this lesson. Your awareness and understanding of these challenges, which have impacted thousands before you, will help you overcome them and make your work stand out.

Learn what Plot Pitfalls are

In this lesson, we'll look at the top 21 mistakes that authors face when creating their plots, and how to avoid them if you don't want to confuse and turn off your readers.

How to recognise a Dialogue Pitfall

This lesson will teach you about the significant dialogue traps that many authors make and how to avoid them when writing dialogue. Learn the best dialogue types, dialogue tags, and points of view to apply.

How to get over the trap of Character Pitfalls

In this lesson, we will look at 22 significant traps that authors confront when creating characters. You'll discover what mistakes to avoid in order to create characters that your readers will identify with and want to read about.

Identify how you deal with different types of writing pitfalls

This quiz will help you identify the various types of pitfalls you are now experiencing.

It's time to achieve your writing goals

Most writing mistakes made are not unique and wIth simple fixes can be sorted out in the revision stage


Remona Mejak

Creative Writing Coach