Why it's important to think like a reader to find your book's target market

keep your writing focused to attract your ideal audience

  • Aren't you tired of wasting your time marketing your book to the wrong readers?

  • Do you know the reader who will buy every single book you write?

  • Do you know how to attract readers who will love your book so much they will create Youtube videos about your characters, your storyline and/or your message?

  • Do you understand the formative experiences and mindset of your target market?

It's time to achieve your writing goals

Different people like different things that why its important to know who your readers are


This course will help you identify your target market will help you identify the type of audience you have so you can tailor your marketing and messages in the best avenues where your readers can be reached.

Welcome and Course Overview

An introduction and a description of the course's objectives are provided.

Want to know how to attract your TARGET AUDIENCE to your book

The link between your book or books and your readers is a particular target audience. Learn about them in this lesson so you can build your book or books to give your readers the benefits they expect from reading it.

How to identify GENERATIONAL demographics of your readers so you can create emotional connections with them

Your readers are classified into different generations based on their life experiences, and their age influences their perspective. In this lesson, you'll discover how to speak to your target audience in a way that will resonate with them.

How to identify the CLASS demographics of your readers to produce a book that they will want to read

Class demographics is about defining your readers' social status, which isn't just about the cars they drive, the money they make, or the schools they attend, according to psychology researchers. This lesson will demonstrate these distinguishing characteristics as well as how to further segment them to provide additional insights.

How to define your actual Target Audience

This worksheet can be used to define and pinpoint your target market and demography. With the aid of this worksheet, you may modify your book so that it appears as though it was written specifically for your intended readership, allowing them to connect with it and experience its impact.


This course includes 1 incredible template and 8 handouts that have been created to improve your writing skills, spark your creativity, and serve as your go-to resources for each subject.

It's time to achieve your writing goals

Different people like different things that why its important to know who your readers are


Remona Mejak

Creative Writing Coach