Whether you're a Fiction or Nonfiction Writer

Researching your book is crucial to its success - and your credibility as a writer

  • Research for fiction writers means gathering information to paint a vivid and authentic picture of your story's time period, location and characters. For nonfiction writers, it means testing the basis of your argument and gathering evidence to convince readers of it.

  • Done well, book research enhances your story, increases your credibility and enthrals your audience. Poorly done, it can see all your hard work go to waste as your book gathers dust on the shelf.

  • Researching your novel or nonfiction book can seem daunting when the stakes are high, and the methods are endless. But it doesn't have to be. Successful published authors use tried-and-true methods, tools and rules for conducting book research effectively and efficiently. In this course, we're sharing them.

  • This course is for you if you want to learn how to research for writing a book like a professional. For example, how do you organise the hundreds of bits of information you have been collecting to write your book?


Expert book research methods,

tools and rules to build credibility and bring your book to life

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This course is designed to help you master book research, write more realistic, authentic, and accurate books, and build trust as an author. It explores expert methods, innovative techniques for researching books of different genres, and some guiding principles for efficient, ethical and productive research.

Welcome and Course Overview

An introduction and a description of the course's objectives are provided.

The Importance of Research in Creative Writing

This lesson explains the need for research in the book-writing process. Even if your book is fiction, it will sound dull, uninspired, or overly unrealistic without research. If you do not recognise the importance of devoting time, energy, and resources to study, your book will languish in obscurity whether you self-publish or go through traditional publication.

How to Structure your Research

This lesson will teach you how to organise your research. You'll also learn why organising your research is essential and how it can help you write a better book. By the end of this lesson, you will be asking the right research questions to write a book that will appeal to readers.

How to Conduct Research for Writing your Book

You will stand out from the competitor's thanks to your research. A thoroughly studied subject or narrative offers readers a product that speaks directly to their circumstances and them as individuals. This lesson outlines all the places you can explore and discover the undiscovered gems your readers will adore.

How to Use Electronic Organisers in Your Research

You must have a system to plan, organise, and prioritise your tasks and events. That system is critical to completing tasks. Digital devises aid in the organisation of our notes and ideas, as well as the planning, writing, and editing of our stories. This lesson discusses several electronic organisers to help keep your reporting notes and research organised.

Adding Surveys to Research

Numerous survey formats, including online, email, social media, paper, mobile, telephone, and face-to-face, are accessible and can give accurate and helpful information. To help you gather the data you need, this course lists a few well-known online survey applications.

Identifying the different TYPES of Research

In this lesson, we go into greater detail about where to look for specific research materials in the non-fiction, military, historical, crime and mystery, fantasy, and science fiction genres—giving you amazing checklists and fantastic websites that are particular to those genres.

Where are you doing your Research Quiz

You are recognising the purpose of research and the benefits of investing time, effort, and money in it. So, what research methods are you currently using? This quiz will highlight additional research options that you might want to consider.


This course includes 8 incredible handouts that have been created to improve your writing skills, spark your creativity, and serve as your go-to resources for each subject.


Expert book research methods,

tools and rules to build credibility and bring your book to life

Get this FREE Course in Research for Writing a Book Masterclass


Remona Mejak

Creative Writing Coach