How do you master the POWERFUL brainstorming techniques?

that hungry readers are waiting desperately for

  • Do you want to know the techniques of how to brainstorm productively so that your writing process goes smoothly and effortlessly?

  • Aren't you tired of having all the jumbled ideas in your head preventing you from thinking them through clearly?

  • Isn't it about time you stop overthinking and start writing with focus, without interruptions of constantly going back and forth over the same material and getting nowhere with your manuscript?

  • Do you want to be mentally aroused so that when you think about what you're going to write about, your brain's neurones will fire?

It's time to achieve your writing goals

The process of brainstorming is crucial in defining the problems and goals of your writing project.


Brainstorming your book will give you a toolbox of strategies you can use to provide your readers with fresh content in your stories. For example, you will explore methods of organising new topics and ideas or learn how to review an older project.

Welcome and Course Overview

An introduction and a description of the course's objectives are provided.

How and Why you would Brainstorm your favourite book Idea

By applying methods that explore subjects and organise your thoughts, brainstorming transforms a typical story into an amazing one.

Understanding the different Brainstorming techniques

You will leave this brainstorming lesson with a toolkit of methods you may employ to come up with fresh matter to include in your stories.

The different types of Brainstorming Software Available

If you like to embrace technology, discover different software programs in this lesson to help you brainstorm the connections between your ideas.

Which methods do you employ when Brainstorming?

Find out through this quiz your preferred strategy for getting ideas from your head to paper during a brainstorming session and why you like it.


This course includes 7 incredible templates and 2 handouts that have been created to improve your writing skills, spark your creativity, and serve as your go-to resources for each subject.

It's time to achieve your writing goals

The process of brainstorming is crucial in defining the problems and/or goals of your writing project.


Remona Mejak

Creative Writing Coach